Putting videos on my connect 4g

I just got this yesterday and finally found out how to put videos on using the sansa media converter program but my connect goes to sleep before the video gets done and it stops converting!  What can I do to fix this.  It takes a long time to convert a movie so I hate having it mess up.  Thanks for the help.

I gave up attempting to use the buggy Sansa Media Converter, and instead use Any Video Converter (http://www.any-video-converter.com/).  Just convert the video offline, then copy it to the Connect using Windows Explorer.

You’ve got two different threads going, where both indicate a connection problem (the Connect is never supposed to “go to sleep” when connected to a good USB port).

Try using another USB port.  Definitely don’t use one on a hub.  If you’re using a desktop, the back ports are best.