Putting songs in the right place in Express

Hi -

I always added songs to my Express through WMP synch and they always went into the Artist section.

Today, even thought I did it the same way, when I added several songs it shows as “No Song” in the Artist section but when I looked in Songs or Albums they are there.

How do I get those songs to be where I want them?

I opened the folder and attempted to drag them to the right folder but that didn’t work.


Probably have to edit your ID3 tags. The location of the files has nothing to do with what is displayed on the player. It only reads the tags, and populates its lists (Artist, Album, Song/Track, Genre, etc.) from the information found there.

MP3Tag is easy, works very well, and is free.

It wasn’t the tags.  I did use that and it corrected the tags but when I add them to the “Artist” folder they automatically are in the “Album” folder.  I’ve removed all of the songs and even dragged and dropped but no matter how I do it they will not play in the “Artist” folder.