Puppy Linux can't see Clip+ Internal Memory

I just purchased an 8GB Clip+ and installed a 16GB SDHC card. When I try to mount the Clip+, I am able to see the SDHC card (SDE1: 15.2GB), but not the internal memory of the Clip+.

I am running Puppy Linux version 4.2.1, and have tried the mount utility using both the default probedisk and optional MUT methods. The result is the same.

Any suggestions? 

MSC mode?

Yes, the Clip+ is set to MSC mode.

Same problem I had. I just plugged it back into a windows pc. I was using ubuntu linux.

I found out that my problem was “stale NFS file handle” on /dev/sdd (caused I think by unplugging the Clip+ without first unmounting it). Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix that problem. I ended up re-installing puppy linux. Luckily, that is less of a hassle with Puppy than with some other Linux’s. Now I make regular backups of my pup_save file.