Pst splitter tool

If you want your data safe then i would suggest you to use Outlook PST Splitter can easily split your large pst data without any hassle. It allow the users to divides the PST file with respect to Date, Size, Year, or Folder option chosen by user. Outlook PST Splitter has ability to split PST file into smaller files by retaining the originality.
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pst splitter tool

To protect files from getting corrupted due to their large size, splitting a PST file is always a great idea. However, it can be done either manually or by any Professional method.

Outlook does not provide any inbuilt utility for splitting PST files. Choosing the manual method is cost-effective but it requires technical knowledge related to Outlook wizard. Also, it has various steps that can easily lead to the corruption of the PST file.

So it’s better to choose a professional method for this task, even I used Stellar Splitter for Outlook for the same reason. The best thing is it split multiple files simultaneously as per the requirement such as size, date, email id, and folders.