Protracker / XM / S3M / TFMX player

Hi !

I bought a Sansa clip+ especially to run Rockbox on it because I am only looking for a*.mod player (I’m not a fan of all mp3, ogg, etc)

My first concern is: since all the sources are availableanywhere to play sound/protracker modules (you can even find source code for gameboy advance on ARM), would it be possible to add this functionnality to the original firmware ?

This small player can do everything, it’s small, can be used as USB key, it can play many formats, no DRM and it could be the very first portable MP3 player to allow .mod music !!!

So far I have seen a fantastic project based on AVR and PIC recently : TRAXMOD ( The guy is building a hardware mod player ! You could benefit from all these sources. Think about all these 30 years old geeks potentials…