Protect the headphone jack on your Clip+

If your headphone has a long straight plug, then I suggest that it not be plugged directly into the player, but instead in a Y cable or cable with a volume control that has a right angle plug, with the right angle plug being plugged into the player. Having a long straight plug sticking out of the player may put plenty of force on the player’s headphone jack if it is pressed against.

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You also could get an L-shaped adapter at an electronics store (e.g. Radio Shack), if it’s a concern for you.

An L shaped adapter doesn’t have the same effect as a cable though, since with the L shaped adapter if you press against the long straight headphone plug it could still damage the player’s jack. Having a right angle plug, then a cable, then a jack for the straight plug gets the long straight headphone plug out of the way so it doesn’t damage the player’s jack.

I am suggesting the use of something like this if your headphone has a long straight plug.

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There also is a detachable adapter out there where, when pressure is applied, it detaches, avoiding possible damage.  Can’t recall the name of it. 

What you are describing is Replug. It is a bit expensive though($11) and received mediocre reviews. The Y cable is typically $3 or less, and has the advantage of providing a second function, which is allowing a second pair of headphones to be connected.

Others like to use a volume control cable with a right angle plug, such as this.

Yep, that was it.  Here’s a positive review at the site.  When it first came out, I remember thinking a bit about the price and, more, the not small nature of it.

Replug looks like it was intended for computers hooked up to external speakers, and not really for mp3 players.