Progress Bar, Rockbox, File Length

 I installed Rockbox on my player for the custom skins. Now, in these custom skins, some of the progress bars work, and some of them don’t. I’m wondering why Progress Bars in some WPS screens (like Cabbie v3 Blue, for example) do not show how far I am into the song.

 I also have another question, not Rockbox related. I used to have a Sansa Clip+, and near the end of it’s lifespan, it would do weird things to the length of the songs. Things like, when I would rewind back, it would go forward (but not show it). It would also make the songs look longer then they are. Well, I recently got a Sansa Fuze, and this thing is doing exactly the same! Most songs are fine, but there are like 10 songs that are MUCH longer then orginal times. For example, I have the Exorcist Main Theme on there, which in reality is about 5 minutes long, but the player shows it to be 40 minutes long! When I rewind, the progress bar looks the same if it was it’s original time, so I’m just confused why these players do this.

Help, please?

#1. Issue with the theme (and/or Rockbox), not the player.

#2. Issue with the files, not the player.

Well, it could be possessed.

I’ve never had this problem or seen it mentioned.

A complete guess is that it has something to do with the way the file was encoded or if it has a large chunk of embedded art–maybe the Fuze calculates length from the filesize rather than from the part of the file that is actually music.

Get mp3tag

You can have it add itself to context menus while installing. After it’s installed, go to Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg and make the Write option ID3 v2.3 and  ISO-8859-1, which is the Windows encoding the Fuze likes.

Find the weird files and look at them in mp3tag. Go to View and Extended tags and see if there is a big chunk of embedded art in the file.  Some people encode albums with the album cover embedded in every song, a waste of space–all the Fuze needs is a small cover image named album.jpg or folder.jpg in the album folder.

Use the floppy-disc icon to extract the art as folder.jpg. Then use the X to remove the embedded art from the individual files. Experiment with a file to see if that helps.

As for the Rockbox skins, they are only as good as the (volunteer) person programming them. Rockbox, bless its heart, is user-generated. 

It could be this.