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I am curious is there a freeware that you can drag/drop all your music sort it the way you want then have it automatically set the track from 01 to 4000? I found one that allows me to delete the entire ID3 tags but just can’t find one that allows batch track #…doesn’t seem like it would be a hard thing to do.

I have a 2GB fuze with 2 16GB SDHC cards from a old camera and I have around 12,000 songs I plan to put on them…I really don’t want to have to manually set that many tracks but I enjoy having my music sorted by Artist when I am trying to find a song.


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You might want to try the “tag” command line program. Look for Tag 2.0.43…  try tag --help  to see options

It’s command line, and has a option --trackinc (I think) that can number the tracks and works across directories and the like and has an option -test (I think) that shows what it would do but doesnt do it.

Give it a try…  start with a directory of copies of mp3’s to play with until you understand what you can do and get it to work right for you…


Well just checked it out wont allow me to actually use any commands it just shuts off within a second once I open it.

Also the txt is pretty cluttered and doesn’t seem to have any support on the feature.

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Why not just make a playlist?  Then you can sort them however you want without messing up your tags.

MP3tag will do that. 

It has an Auto-Numbering Wizard that will start with any digit.

Open mp3tag, use CTRL-D to navigate to the folder where all your albums are, open it and then you can sort them. When they are in the order you want, highlight them all and use the Auto-Numbering Wizard. Be sure to set it to add leading zeroes. 

Thank you Black-Rectangle works PERFECTLY. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Also thanks to everyone else who tried to help me out as well I appreciate it.

yep, mptag did it 4 me too.  I had files all muddled up in an album, not according to file names (which all begin with year-month-no. in my case) so I got 0808_001 followed by 0812_032 then 0808_ etc. just opened the dir in mp3tag, checked the file names in order and hit the “auto numbering wizo”.  problem solved, they all appear in order in the album.