Program to test error Sandisk SD, exists? (other program)

Buy a hero 4 weeks but started to have problems:

  • Remains frozen in random recordings (different memories, different modes of recordings)

warranty just told me it was memory problem (sandisk 32 gb extreme and 64 gb ultra plus, the latter is not the one recommended but present the same problem as the first) is more camera froze without sd memory inside .

the technical service excuses were:

  • Corrupted memory (2 damaged memories, one that does not meet specifications but also the same mistake, being new?

  • That recorded in 4K was obvious to warm, then for recording 4k if you can not stand and also sheds temperature error, the error is present recording in all functions (photo, video, etc etc)

With this in mind know of any program that throws sandisk technical reports to submit to the technical service, is that memories are not, but I need solid arguments.



for me it looks very strange that 2 brand new cards have the same issue and also that the one is recommended to use it with this camera. so maybe you can also consider that the cards may be fake?

to your question with the test programm you can use the H2W test that test all the blocks of the card if they are usable or not.

so try the test see if it brings up any error and then contact the sandisk support direct to receive an explanation what could be wrong with the cards.

mr deponia:

thank you very much for your advice I will review everything that exposes me as query as I know if these reports are false?, attached photos and even managed to register one.

the check when purchasing and found quite real is more memory than 32 extreme was used in a hero 2 for more than one year, and recorded in the hero 4 black for more than 3 consecutive weeks without problems (I shoot in 4K for more 20 minutes without problems) and the memory 64 plus ultra is not for the camera, but the need for storing more than anything (take pictures, videos in 1080 P)

even thought they were the memories, but the camera would freeze without memories in and that’s what makes me doubt.

best regards


thank you for the pictures but i cannot determine if the cards are genuine or not. you can contact the support directly and provide these information and if they approve that the cards are genuine you can proceed with the replacement of them.

you can also replace them with the place of purchase.