"Production Stopped" for The Fuze

A friend of mine , in a store, have searched a 4gb Fuze, and because not available, he asked to the shop assistant about the possibility of an order, and the shop assistant replied to my friend : “Not , because isn’t more in production”


What about that?

I think the shop assistant doesn’t know what he (or she) is talking about.

Tell your friend to go to another store, or order one from one of the many on-line dealers.

Yes, the shop assistant has no way whatsoever of knowing the details of production and logistics (warehousing and shipping) beyond his own store.  If he does, please ask him for some stock investment tips, since he has a better Ouija board than I do.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

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Are you sure the clerk wasn’t talking about the e200 series?

A big box store stopped selling them (yuk for them).  But another store where I got mine still has them, just had them on sale too.  So they are still available.

I don’t believe that the fuze has been discontinued.  On wiki, there’s a  list of the discontinued sansa players and the fuze wasn’t one of them.