probplem while opening flash dirve sandiskcruizer 16 gb

I am using Sandiskcruizer 16 GB flash drive, from yesterday onwards the flash drive memmory is not woring, actualy13 GB data are stored in flas drive , please find below the error message i am getting upon insert of the memmory card "“you need to forate the disk f befefore you need to use”

could you please assist how i can formate the flash drive withut losing any data



By Manaf

you cant. if you see that error one of two thigs has happened. 

  1. the FAT is corrupt. you will ahve to format. formatting will erase the data but if it completes then you can use data recovery software to recover the data

  2. the drive is bad. when you try to format it it will give an error that format cannot be completed. if this is the case the drive has failed and would need to be replaced.