Problems with the SansaView 8 gig?

I don’t see anything posted about the SansaView.  I have two of them and they recently quit working. I must be the only one with a problem with this unit, and I guess the “VIEW” is no longer being made.

Welcome to the forum. The View has been discontinued for some time now, but there is still discussion boards for it.

The Sansa View Board

All Other MP3 Players Board

For “all of a sudden” non-operation as you describe, you might try resetting them by sliding the power switch up and holding it for 20-30 secs. They might just be playing possum.

If this doesn’t remedy the situation, feel free to browse the boards linked to above and/or using the Search function. You can also post in those boards to get responses from those familiar with your player. This is more productive than posting in the Off-Topic board. :smiley: