Problems with Sync with Windows Media Player - Duplicate copies.

Hi guys. Help me out please. I have been having problems syncing my songs correctly with Windows Media Player. Problem arises when I want to delete a song from my Fuse and re-sync it in Windows Media Player, the same song would re-appear 2x. And if i repeat the process, the same song would appear 3 times! Even if I completely took out the songs from my Music folder and re-put them in it, the sync process always gives me many duplicate copies in my player. So what is the best way to remove the songs from the player and never be synced again, AND in my situation, to make sure there is just 1 copy of the sing being synced into my player? I mean, for example, now I have the same song 3x in my player, how do I remove the 2? (If I choose Delete Song from my player when the song is being played, it will remove all copies of it altogether). So how should I remove the song that has duplicate copies in my player right now and sync it with Windows Media Player but only 1 copy will be synced? It has been very frustrating. Thanks in advance for ur help.