Problems with songs

Hi everyone my name is Gaston and i’m from Argentina, i’m really happy with my sansa clib 8gb, here this gadget is really expensive and even more dificult to find.

My problem is that some songs don’t appear in the WMP or Rhapsody, a lots of songs appear, but like a 2gb of songs don’t appear, and in the sansa i can play it, they are tagged and has it’s own name of artist and album but in the WMP or Rhapsody don’t appear.

I hope someone can help me, because sometime is really dificult to remember what songs i have or i haven’t transfer.

 I don’t speak to much english i’m very sorry if you can’t understand.

Perhaps this will help.

It works but i can’t understand why now i can see all the songs, USB mode always stay in MSC, i never change that, the songs that i transfer was in MSC mode, what has MTP Mode that let me see all?

EDIT: Now i find that only appears the sogns that in MSC Mode can’t see, what i have to do now to see all the songs in one mode? 

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Possibly at some point the Clip was set to Auto, and then defaulted to MTP mode?  Note that when you update the firmware, the Clip gets reset to Auto USB mode.

To see all the songs in 1 mode:  switch the Clip to the mode you don’t want; connect to your computer; transfer the songs you can see to your computer; disconnect the Clip from your computer and switch the Clip to the other USB mode, the one you will be using; connect back to your computer; and transfer the songs back to your Clip.  Now all your songs should be in one USB mode, the one you’re going to use.

Hope this helps–

Thank you very much, solved!

Great to hear!