Problems with Sansa Shaker Cap

I just bought a Sansa Shaker and loaded it with music for my daughter.  I’m having problems with the Shaker Cap.  It’s so loose that when I use the Bottom Twist feature, the cap falls right off.  Is there a way to “lock” the cap in place?

it should kinda “Click” into place… at least thats the way it appears from the store i tried it in

Same thing was happening to me.  Really push down on it as you turn & click it into place.  That worked for me.  Good Luck!

Thanks for  tips. I was having the same problem with the cap. I pushed and turned harder and heard the click.

Also thanks for this tip - I’d thought both of ours were broken already, but pushing a little harder does result in a “click” and it locks back into place.

I was having problems with the cap falling off also. So I pushed down on it as suggested and now it stays on but I have a hard time gettting it off. Is there a trick to that also?