Problems with Podcast

Everything works great on my Fuze, except Podcast.

I have subscriptions to multiple podcast, and they sound fine on my computer; however, when I sync them to my Fuze, they sound funny. The voices in the Podcast sound slower and deeper, like somehow the playspeed gets turned down during the sync.

I’ve tried using different apps for syncing: WMP, Mediamonkey (which is great btw), direct drag-n-drop. Nothing solves it.

Everything else is fine - videos, music, recorded tv, photos: they all work. Just not the Podcast.

Anyone have any ideas?


Check your system settings. It sounds like the play speed for podcasts is set to slow. Set it to normal(or fast if you want).

Thanks JK98 - had no idea that setting was there :slight_smile:

Ummmm … where in Settings is the Podcast playspeed option?

When you are in a podcast, press the 6:00 position on the scroll wheel and you’ll be taken to the podcast settings.

ty :robothappy: