Problems with new clip zip

 had a clip + for about 2 years…loved it.
Last week, the clip broke off and it fell in the toilet…taps.
Went to best buy got another.
Put the 32 GB chip from the old clip in and all my music showed up but none of my books. The only books that showed up were ones I already deleted. So I hooked it up to pc and all my books showed up and the deleted ones didn’t. 
I went into properties and clicked the share box.
Took of pc refreshed same deal.
Took another chip put some books on it and all it showed was:
Track 1
Track 1
Track 1
Track 1…
Track 2
Track 2
Track 2
Track 2…
None of the authors, titles or CD#s showed up. These are audio books that I converted to mp3 and made files for each author, book, & cd #. This NEVER happened with my other clip.They all transferred over with complete names, etc. w/no problem on old clip

Can u please help me? My email is
Thx, God bless and have an awesome day.

See if you can find them in folder view. They might be indexed somewhere you haven’t looked, I believe the clip will treat an .mp3 file as music. I would expect to see it in ‘unknown’ album under music.

I tried to get them from every menu:






You name it. No matter what, it still comes out 

track 01

track 01

track 01…

track 01

track 02…

I tried using the mp3 tag program you recommended I download. Put the book in there, dragged it to the chip, when I put it in the clip, showed empty. And I looked in every sngle of the above lists.

The only way I’ve been able to get them to play in order on the clip is to go in and rename every track…and that’s NOT going to happen. With a book of 15 cd’s and 95 tracks per cd…I don’t think so. I could have sat down and read the book in that time.

I started doing this w/cdb’s from the library after the drm thing stopped working with overdrive and 1 lick digital on my clip+ about 6 months ago,

I went to Best Buy online and they have a clip+ for online purchase only. I guess I’ll just get that and return this one to the Best Buy store I purchased this piece of junk from.

BTW: I tried every way but Sunday to get the updater installed on my pc and keep opening the file, clicking run and then nothing happens.

My recommendation is not to bother with the Updater.  Simply manually install the firmware–very easy to do.  See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

As to your principal issue, did you telephone SanDisk Customer Service for assistance?


–  Are your audiobooks stored on the Clip under the Audiobooks folder?  If not, you might use your PC to move and place them there.  Additionally, each audiobook–all the files comprising it-- should be stored in its own folder, the folder using the name of the book.  

–  Are the ID3 tags for your audiobooks filled in?  That is what MP3Tag, Internet freeware, is good for.

The biggest headache you’ll run into with books on CD happens when “ripping” them to a compressed format for your player.

It’s critical that the individual files are tagged properly during the process lest ye be lost amidst a sea of generically-titled tracks.  If you convert using Windows Media Player, and you have a live internet connection, with a little luck, WiMP will find the requisite data for you. If the information isn’t there, the road will be steep and quite bunpy.

Online databases are mostly based upon music CDs, as they are far more common than books. The book publisher produces those CDs with the intent of feeding them into a CD player, so the media is in cda or uncompressed PCM format.

Using mp3Tag you can add the correct information, all in sequence. Be sure to

This is a link to the genuine article, as there are similarly named programs that work differently. Once you get the hang of it, tagging an entire book series is simple.

Hey, if a publisher would produce the book on CD already in mp3 format, tagged, that would be nice, but the target market doesn’t often have a CD player that can decode mp3. This is one reason why I prefer the Audible format. Books on CD are crazy expensive in comparison.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: