Problems with language on the Express

I know this may sound strange, but out the box my Express had some language other than english.  I have tried all avenues to find English, but I really don’t believe it’s there. I have figured out where settings is, but from there I am lost.  Anyone have any suggestions.  I’ve had this device since September so too late to return t the store, but I’ve spent too many hours trying to figure this out.  HELP

Find the icon that looks like a mixing board (Settings) and try the 4th and 5th options down.  One of those is for language.  Once you’re in the language menu, you’ll find that each language is named in its own lettering, so there’s no guessing from there.

Hey, WiL here, thanks for the info’ on the language preference. My Express came stuck in Spanish, and I of course couldn’t understand the menu in order to fix it. I read your advice and corrected the problem, now I’m a happy camper, as they say. Thanks again.  WiL