Problems with ID3 tags (genre in particular)

Some albums don’t show up in the proper genre or in more genres than tagged. When I check (or set) the genre in MediaMonkey or in Tag & Rename all seems to be o.k. but when I choose Genre on the Clip, some albums are missing or, as I said, show up in different genres.
What am I doing wrong ? Or is it a bug ?

Hmm…does the genre show up correctly if you look at the actual properties of the file, or in Windows Media Player?

Yes, when looking at Properties the correct genre is showing.

Oh… and one more funny thing: In the Genre list, one genre shows up twice.

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Use a program like Mp3tag to look at the tags on a song file that is displayed correctly on your Clip.  Compare to the tags on a song file that is not displayed correctly.  It could be an ID3V1 versus ID3V2 issue.

I have had some issue with the genre field.  For example, Audiobooks as a genre results in an “Unknown” by the Clip (perhaps because of the separate handling of Audible books?) while Audiobook (singular) works fine.

This is a well known long standing issue and one that Sansa has indicated will be addressed in a future firmware release. Firmware 01.01.20 certainly fixes some of the biggest tag related issues, but some work does remain.

Right after I loaded v '20 on my Clip, I added a pile of MP3s that I had retagged with ISO text encoding (to test the new tag fix), and after the Refresh Database completed [!] I noticed there were now TWO entries in the Music\Genres play list menu for “Rock”, one above the other. Hmmm!

After studying a bit I came to the conclusion; IF a file has UTF tag encoding (where the genre is explicitly text, not the numeric code), OR is a WMA with genre=“rock”, they are categorized as the first “Rock” genre in the database.

MP3s with v2.3 ISO text encoding, regardless of whether the v2.3 genre tag is the V1.1 numeric tag alone (decimal 17) or as plain text “Rock”, these are sorted in the database as the SECOND “Rock” genre in the database.

The V1.1 genre tag, if any, is superceded by the v2.3 tag data.

You can resolve the genre issues by retagging ALL your MP3s consistently with v2.3 UTF-16 text encoding. mp3tag is the overall best choice IMO for this task and there’s a few posts already on exactly how to perform this retagging. Just Search the forum for “mp3tag”

Do WAV files also have tags?  Does mp3tag work with them?

There’s some limited specification to add tags to WAV files but it’s rarely used.

I don’t think MP3tag deals with WAV files.

I really need to re-tag all my mp3 files.  As it is now, the album name shows up where the artist should be, and some other things are switched around.  It’s pretty annoying, but I keep forgetting to fix it.

Also, I often get songs that come up twice in a row.  Haven’t examined that one yet either.

There are many programs out there that not only will tag your songs based on their path and filenames, but will also swap tags between fields.

The Godfather (freeware) is powerful in that regard (although it can be a bt harder to figure out).

This is somewhat redundant, but FWIW here’s what happened when my podcast provider switched from UTF-8 encoding to UTF-16. All titles, artists, etc., i.e., anything with a tag, the characters display as cute little rectangles. The v2.3 ID3 spec says UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1 text is required, so Sansa is way behing the curve. Anyone know of  promised date for a fix?

Interesting as I have been using UTF-16 v2.3 tags on all my MP3s since firmware v.018 without incident.

Are you by chance using a language besides English and if so, what language?  It is possible that the podcast provider has used some deviant tag coding when they switched also, maybe provide a link to an example?