Problems with Cruzer USB Flash Drive

I just purchased the 4GB Cruzer Flash Drive and I can’t seem to get it to accept a file.

What I wish to do is print a file to the drive and then insert the drive in my HP printer (HP D7360 PhotoSmart.) After printing to the “drive” I always end up with an empty drive. Any suggestions? Or, do a set of instructions exist that I may download?

Thanks for any response(s.)

well you can not “print” to a external storage device. printing is only on paper. you can copy the file to the drive but this will be done from the computer not from the printer. below is a link for copying data to a external storage device.

Somehow in the far back reaches of my mind I seem to remember being able to do this years ago in a DOS LAN.  Unless you have found a Windows or an HP app to provide the same function I don’t think it can be done.  It’s possible if the function does exist that the file would be in a format that Windows can’t see.  The printer certainly isn’t running Windows.