Problems with Converting Pics

I have tried in many different ways to convert some jpegs.  I am trying to convert a total of 161 at current.  I can get 24 of them to convert with no problem but with the rest, I get nothing.  I looked in the report that SMC posted and within it, it shows the following:


It is the same for everyone that didn’t convert.  I have tried to convert the jpegs with a pic program to bmp format, then create the thumbs, or do the conversion, and the same result every time.

What product are you using the converter with. The Sansa Connect currently supports viewing .jpg that are saved on a microSD card, no converter is needed.

An upcoming firmware upgrade will provide better support for vieing photos and SanDisk will have an updated converter for use. But currently, the converter is not supported with the Sansa Connect.