Problems with computer combining CDs

I’m no computer wiz.  I cannot figure out how to transfer the cds I downloaded onto my computer without getting all the track 1’s then all the track 2s, etc.

becuase your computer isnt automaticly looking up the cd information. WMP can do it if you have the settings set right; its in tools>options.

Hi am new to all of this computer stuff, and I can’t get my d: drive to read the quick start up disk. Is it really necessary to have?

Are you using Windows Vista?  Vista has issues with autorun on the CD.

Anyway, you can get everything that you need online.

Sansa Media Converter can be found here.

Sansa Firmware Updater and c200 User Manual can be found following the directions below.
  Go to
  Click on ‘Support’ then select ‘Software and User Manuals’
  Select the c200 from the drop-down box