Problems transferring digital copies of moves to my Fuze

Just got a new fuze for my son,was trying to load some Digitial copies of movies i have,but it wont allow it due to a missing codec.Used the Media Converter and thats what it said.Im using Vista and Mindows media player for my media loading.The songs i have no problem with ,its only the movies and they are a .wmv file,anyone have any ideas or know what i can do to fix it.I did the firmware update already.

Threre’s already another thread with this almost same name/topic here.

You could also check out the Sansa Media Converter board for additional help/tips, etc. Some people say you have to install Quicktime, others swear by the K-lite codec pack, still others use another conveter program and then run it through the SMC. Rhapsody software has also been suggested to use. No membership required.

And then there are some who never seem to get it to work.

Good Luck! :wink: