thanks for improvements in last firmware!! Greatly apprecied!
Here are some problems/suggestion you might want to fix/implement. Feel free to explain a workaround here if you know or to report other problems. Thanks

  • only 1 of the 2 strings scrolls when both are larger than the screen
    _ EDIT: Well, in fact they both scroll, but one at a time. Since scrolling’s slow, i never noticed. Work might be done to improve scrolling, thanks!_
  • play order is somewhat strange when playing albums. Some says it plays following the time when the song has been copied, others says its sorted following filenames, others following track# in tags ( wich might works or not depending of encoding) Something coherent would be nice.
  • ReplainGain support would be great! As intended, players should adjust volume according to the tag.

Thats everything that bother me for now. So few so far… :slight_smile:

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in terms of the album order, I think the track# tag has first priority over anything else.  than it will follow title tag alphabetical, and if title tag is not present, than the filename.

Once the first title scroll completes the second title will scroll.

But scrolling at a faster speed would be nice; right now, a tortoise would beat the scroll …


Its slow to maximize your battery.  Maybe well look at speeding it up when the display is on and slowing it back down when its off.

An interesting underlying reason. And an even more intersting solution–hope it can be done!  (In the end, it posibly will save energy, as one won’t need to extend the scrolling to read the titles.)


Hello there sports fans.  While I have the thought in mind:

The Clip and e200v2 have a common issue: STOP the scroll / counter display generation when the display does not call for it.  This involves a minor change in the code, where these loops are not called until the display is active.

You will save battery capacity, and the processor isn’t busy with the redraw during pressing issues like wma decoding.

This may solve several issues in one fell swoop! 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 


Good suggestion,  well look into that. 

Well, regrding the track order issue, i made a simple experiment:
I took an Album encoded in 64kb/s containing 4 tracks and made 6 pools out of it:

0: original, id3 v2.4 only, UTF8 tags, files named “track# trackName.mp3”
1: iso-8859-15 v2.4 tags
2: UTF8 v1 tags
3: id3 v2.4 UTF8 tags with track# empty
4: like original, but files copied in the right order
5: like original, but file named as TrackName .

Here’s the results, viewed from selecting the album (i changed the tag in each pool) and looking tracks in it on the sansa:
0: wrong, sorted by trackName
1: ok
2: as 0
3-4-5: Couldn’t find album tag, files under ‘Unknown’ album.
I have a set sorted by TrackName(3?),
pool 5 sorted by filename = track name
One last set sorted by filename = track# (pool 4?)

Conclusion: it seems tags works well with ISO encoding. I can’t explain the behaviour of the files in the ‘Unkown’ album.
The worst result is 0: when using good tags in UTF8 format, player sort them by track Name, not even by filename, even if they reflect track#.
I really wish full support for UTF8 tags. I’ll be looking forward for the 3 last pools strange behaviour.

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@cghislai wrote:

1: iso-8859-15 v2.4 tags

Here’s the results, viewed from selecting the album (i changed the tag in each pool) and looking tracks in it on the sansa:

1: ok

Conclusion: it seems tags works well with ISO encoding.

I am also interested in persuading this device to play tracks in a predetermined order, as my listening is primarily classical music and opera while I’m taking my morning fitness walks, and I want to start the player when I leave and have it play tracks in order while I’m walking without further input from me. I do not want to be distracted by having to fiddle with the player during this time for safety reasons, especially since the LED screen is practically invisible in the sunlight, even when I try to view it in the shade. I’ve downloaded the latest firmware update, which did not help.


My latest effort in this is to laboriously tag my files in WinAmp with ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, taking particular care to make sure that the tracks are numbered correctly, and then using WMP to load them on the player, following the instructions in the UM meticulously. Although these files show in the proper order in the playlist, after I sync them to the player and disconnect they do not appear or play in the same order in the player, thus negating all this effort. I have sent Sandisk Tech Support 3 e-mails on this subject and have yet to receive a reply. I have also solicited help from members of this forum but none of their suggestions worked.


I have been researching other players, and have ordered one that I hope will be more user-friendly (at twice what I paid for this one, but if it works properly it’ll be worth it). Until I receive I would like to try your option 1, but in spite of a search I cannot find out how to configure my files with iso-8859-15 v2.4 tags.


If you would be so inclined, I would appreciate some information on how to do that.




I did the tagging using EasyTag under Linux. You can download the stable version for windows, but you need to install some dependencies as well.
I saw mp3tag has support for iso v2.3 tags : “Support for ID3v2.3 (ISO-8859-1 and UTF-16) and ID3v2.4 with UTF-8”. You could try this one as well.
With either tagger you use, check in the options a place where you can change the encoding.