Problems Sansa Express

Oke, readed most forums here, but didn’t help me solving my problem…\

Did forgot to unplug it from my pc, pc went out, SA still connect to USB… ended up not GOING on (SanDisk this should NEVER happen to an USB device…)

So started to unbrick it, so i could use it again, but no luck.

What i did try

Sansa Express 01.01.05a firmware released!

From this thread using the steps i do encounter that even with driver in place it can’t install a “know” device  STMP3600.

When i connect my SE it does connect, disconnect all the time. Even after changing the mode from MTP to MSC.

When in normal mode i get “This device cannot start”.

So i’m kinda wondering what options i have more to get it working, due it is kinda redicilous that a device on USB fails to boot after a night on USB…

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