Problems playing back iTunes imported CD

I imported a CD with the iTunes app and successfuly generated AAC files of the tracks. However, some of the files do not play back while others play back fine. What happens is, when I select those problem files, other files from the same album get played instead. I don’t know if this is important or not, but these files are quite large, being from a classical album and lasting up to 20 minutes. Also, I just updated it with the latest firmware.

Any thoughts?



Are you transferring the files from a Mac, by any chance?  A Mac can add extra “admin.”/ghost files to the player, which can screw things up.  Also, are there any major differences between the files that play and those that won’t?  If I recall correctly, at least at one time, files ripped at a very high bitrate could have issues.

I’m transferring from a PC. I can’t think of anything different except for the size of the files. In fact, I believe it’s the particularly large files that won’t play, so maybe that’s a clue. Otherwise, they were all imported the same way, whole CDs at a time. I’ve also tried deleting them and re-copying, but the result is the same. I can play all the files directly from the computer, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. I’m going to check into the file sizes.


Do check the bitrates for the files.  As I said, the Clip Zip, if I recall correctly, was having problems with AAC files ripped at a high bitrate (e.g. 320 kbps).