problems loading musc

I own a 8gb Clip.

Prior to that I had a  Sansa e260 4 gb player.

(which I lost.)

I find that the EXACT same plylist which I loaded on my older moder cannot completely load onto my Clip.

I get a box, telling me, that “the following songs cannot be trransferred to my player”

The reason given is unsupported file, but, they’re all mp3 files & as I said, I had no difficulty loading these same files on my older Sansa unit.

Can anyone help me??

How are you loading the playlist? What USB mode are you using? Do you still have room on the Sansa to add more songs (might already be full)? 

Would you be loading the files the easy way,  dragging and dropping them into the music folder (of the clip)?  or trying to use a program that syncs?

The player is no way close to being full.

I’ve been using Real Player to create playlists.

What is USB mode??

USB Modes >

You might also want to update the firmware of your device >  Updating the Sansa Clip’s firmware

I have read a lot of users here using MediaMonkey to load playlists on their Sansa. Seems to ressolve most of their issues when loading playlists.