Problems installing brand new Clip

Player: 1GB Clip Blk

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 w/WMP11

I bought a brand new 1GB Clip yesterday and I’m having problems installing it on my computer. I have tried everything I can think of. I’ve tried: installing it in MSC mode; installing the MTP porting kit; reinstalling WMP11 and nothing has worked. I’ve tried everything listed in the Clip FAQ! I’m at a loss for what to do! Can somebody please help me?

Did you try forcing an MSC connection (Clip in lock position, then hold the center button down while connecting the USB cable between Clip and computer)?

Also try different USB ports on your PC.

Using another USB port seemed to work. Thx!

No prob.  The Clip requires a high-power USB connection.  It’s rare to find a computer user who’s even aware that some of his USB ports operate at high-power, and some operate at low-power (I didn’t, until I got my first Clip :wink: ).

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