Problems getting music off via MTP

Everytime i try to get my music off via MTP on my windows xp SP3 pc it will give me a error about half way through saying it cannot find the drive the file is located on. Is there a solution for the error?

Are you sure the music was added via MTP? Try to find it in MSC.

Or if you are sure the music was added in MTP, open Windows Media Player (10 or 11–XP came with 9) and see if you can access it that way.  

Im sure I transfered via MTP because I used Songbird to sync/create playlist. Will WMP allow me to copy my music off the sansa and onto my hard drive?

Are they DRM-protected files?

No just mp3 & ogg

You can use the Sync function in WiMP, just click on “cancel” when it asks if you want to set up the device for sync (that’s a separate task you can do later).

Click on the Internal or External memory that will show up in the tree on the left, then all you need do is find your songs by album / genre / song, and drag the titles to the “sync list” on the right.  The files will be copied from the device. 

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thanks neutron_bob

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