Problems deleting files

I have two problems, as I have two Clip+. On the 4gig one, I had subscribed to Rhapsody, downloaded a lot of songs directly onto the Clip, then decided the service was too much hassle and cancelled. After 30 days, I got the notice on the Clip that my subscription tracks had expired, connect to your PC to renew. I simply wish to delete these files, but each time one comes up, I seem unable to pause the title and delete it. Any ideas?

Now here’s a weirder one. I synced my 8gig Clip to my computer’s music files and somehow the sync continued to the point where it was loading photo files. Of course, I can’t see them, but I am told they are taking up space on the Clip+. Have opened up internal memory while synced to the computer, but I can’t find them–however, I have only about 3 gig of free space left with 800 songs on the unit. Any idea how I can find this data and delete it? Thanks very much for any help for either of these two items.

The 1 answer to both your problems is to use the Format command in Settings > System Settings. This will erase all content so on the 1st player, all your non-working Rhapsody files will be cleared off and on the 2nd one, all the photos you don’t want on there will also be gone.

Of course all your music will be gone too, so you’ll have to re-load what _ you _ want. Personally, I’m not a ‘sync’ fan; I find it much easier and controllable to drag & drop or ‘copy’ the files I want on my player from my computer. But if you must ‘sync’, you need to change the setting in Windows Media Player away from Automatic Sync to Manual. Now you can tell it exactly what folders you want it to sync, staying away from your My Pictures Folder.

The thing with syncing is that if you at some point decide you need extra room on your hard drive and let’s say you buy an external hard drive to store all your music on, or you just delete some of those song files on your computer because you have the CD’s as back-up in case of drive failure.

Ok, the next time you plug your player into your computer, guess what? WMP is going to remove all those songs from your player because it cannot find them on your computer any more. So you have to save every song on your computer for eternity if you have ‘synced’ your player. And while I advocate saving copies of the files in case you ever have a problem with your player and you have to re-load it, I would suggest an external hard drive as many people are doing now. You can’t do this if you’ve succumbed to the “I can’t do it myself. I must let WMP sync it for me” strategy.