problems converting 2 hour movie

I have a 2 hour movie in mpeg format that I am trying to convert to my e260.

I tried the ARC based Media Converter.  It creates 4 files, the first plays well (smooth, in synch).  The 2nd and subsequent files are out of synch and about 1-2 frames per second.

I tried the InterVideo based Media Converter.  The converter hangs after creating 4 smaller files.  It doesn’t finish the conversion.  The files it does create all play well, BUT, they are not rotated to make use of all of the screen space of the e260.

I have tried the conversion process on 2 different computer.  Also tried it with my son’s e250.  Results the same always. 

Does anyone know of a converter that works?  The SasDisk provided versions seem to be junk.

You can try, look for “media converter.”

If I remember right it’s $30US, but there is a trial version.

I did - downloaded ARC Media Converter 2 trial from

It did convert the entire movie, and the frame rate was decent.  However, there are a few issues:

  • the voice is out of synch from the audio.
  • The video is rotated (good) but not zoomed (bad).   I.e. it is in letterbox format - I would much rather it be rotated and zoomed to fill the screen, like the original Media Converter did - the screen size is too small to want leterbox.

All my testing has been with a VHS tape I captured to MPEG via a Hauppauge EINTV-PVR.  The MPEG video plays beautifully. 

I also saw  another converter for Sansa at - I’ll give that a try and post the results.


There are 2 versions of Sandisk’s media converter available- one is based off of Arcsoft, the other Intervideo. My sandisk converter is from Intervideo, and it doesn’t cut to fill the whole screen. (LOL @ me- I watched Ferris Bueller in a tiny tiny widescreen version on a planeride last month…)

Which version do you have that makes it into the fullscreen version??

My SanDisk came with the ARC version - that version rotates the video.  You have to rotate the Sansa sideways to watch.  The movie I’m converting is in 4:3 aspect, and it fills the screen…  I just tried a 16:9 movie - it is rotated, but in letter box format. 

The CraziVideo converter says it will zoom to the size of the screen - not sure if it rotates as well.  In my first try, with a mpeg movie, it only converted the audio.  I have an AVI I want to try next, and I’ll post the results.