Problem with songs or artists starting with "A" or "The" !!!

Ok. I’ve just got a Clip Zip so i don’t know much. Can anyone explain to me why the songs or artists starting with “A” or “The” miss these words (“A” and “The”). That changes the order of the songs or artists. Can you fix that ?

That is one of the features, or enhancements of the Zip player over it’s predecessors, implemented at the request of users.

It would have been better in my opinion, to make this a user-selectable “option”, but unfortunately it isn’t. There’s no way to shut it off or “fix” it.

Hehe!  I joked a while back about songs by The The.  The player displays this at simply The.  The original thought is sound, it prevents you from having to look through an endless list of albums beginning in “the”.

Well, you will  still see a list of “Best Of”, but that is a wee bit easier than all the thes, I guess. If you have a large group of “best of” albums, at least they’re grouped under “Best”.

It does take a little getting used to…

Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a purist at heart–just one of those types who thinks that if an artist has decided to put “A” or “The” at the front of the artist’s name or an album or song title, that’s where it should stay.  What would The Monkeys or The Beatles say . . . .    ;)

Back in the day, when I used the OF, I loved this feature…as I have a lot of bands known as “The (insert band name here)” and it finally made them sort logically, IMO. :stuck_out_tongue: