Problem with some songs

I try to transfer 8 songs of an album and all ends in error, general error 80004005, to be more especific, do you know what is happening?

What type of songs?  What USB mode is the clip in?  If MTP switch to MSC and try again (be aware you can’t view files transferred in MTP mode while connected to a PC in MSC mode).  MTP can be fussy sometimes.

They are mp3 in mode MTP, transfering thru the Rhapsody, the songs are right i can play it without problems…

Sounds like a rhapsody error rather than an error with the clip

Probably, do you exactly instructions for how to sinchronize the Sansa with another software (WMP for example).

If you really want to sync mediamonkey works well, and a search of the sansa forum and mediamonkey’s will give more specific instructions.  But it might be easier for you to just drag and drop files onto your player, the same way you would copy files to a flash drive.