Problem with Sansa Media Converter on Windows Vista

I was able to convert .mp4 files just fine on my Windows XP desktop.  Now, I’m trying to do the same on my goddamn Vista laptop, and SMC gives me an error message saying it cannot be converted and I have to “install the correct codec first”.  What the hell?!  I’m so tired of having these problems with Vista.  Can someone please help?

This may be the only real solution to Vista!

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I’m using the antiquidated XP so can’t really help you.

Lol.  Actually, I figured out the problem myself, but how I cannot recall xD .  Apparently, in order for SMC to be able to convert .mp4 files, the computer has to have Quicktime Player installed.  Oh wait I recall now!  I was looking for a program that could convert .mp4 to Xvid.  Somewhere in the description of a certain converter, it stated that I had to have Quicktime Player installed for that converter to convert .mp4 files.  So I figured the same was true for SMC.


Yes, it had been said and suggested by more than one person here that if you’re having trouble converting videos installing Quicktime sometimes helps. I didn’t even think of that myself, nor did I equate it with an apparent Vista issue.

As much as I hate Vista, I’ll admit that this was not a Vista problem.  On my desktop, which I am using now, Quicktime Player was installed prior to my downloading SMC.  Naturally, I wasn’t aware that QT was an important factor, or that I had never installed Quicktime on my laptop xD .

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I have QuickTime 7.5.5 and Vista plus the other stuff that angel reccommended from the sandisk call; dx9 etc. and after 3 days of tries I have the vista sample bear and lake videos. When I tried to convert the butterfly video I’ve got the " blue screen of death ". This happened 5 times today, so I’m giving up on SMC for now, because the Vista SP2 that I installed before all of this I am sure is affecting the SMC that I read works with XP, and the coders haven’t wrote a compatible update yet for SP2.