Problem with sansa clip+ firmware

My sansa clip+ says “FAT is corrupted. Please connect device to PC and” but my computer doesn’t see mp3 player. I have Rockbox and it works. When I connect sansa to PC with enabled Rockbox and enter the “devices and printer” device is called as “Rockbox media player” but there’s no driver for this device. How to restore the firmware? Sorry for my English.

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Try holding the REW (<<) button while plugging the player into the computer. It should be recognized and you’ll be able to format it, fixing the corrupted FAT issue. Note this will remove all user-added content AND Rockbox (but not its boot-loader from the firmware) so you’ll have to re-load everything (including Rockbox). As the FORMAT will not remove the boot-loader from the firmware, I would suggest re-applying the latest Sansa firmware at the same time, which will over-write the Rockbox boot-loader and then starting over from scratch.