Problem with putting videos on my sansa

Hello everyone i have a problem: i bought my sansa a year ago but never thought of putting videos on it until yesterday.

I tried using rapsody since i didn’t have anything else… i left the video all night and when i came back to check i saw it was stuck at 30% so i waited a bit longer and when i came back it was still on 20%. so i decided to try Sansa Media Converter, and waited another night and when i cambe back it was stuck at 49%…

I would really appreciate if someone told me what to do

thanks a lot.


Welcome to the world of video on a Sansa device.

You’ll see there are 615 views of your post and no responses.

You could write a book on the various glitches and work-a-rounds.

Some people with developed technical skills are able to rip dvds and get on-line video content, convert with a generic converter to get the required AVI files and then have sucess with SMC to get the big Sansa AVI files onto the player.

Rhapsody is supposed to be an easier solution than using the SMC itself, but I have not used it.

Ultimately, it would be great to have a robust SMC which dealt with various formats and codecs…but that is not the case.  it even requires you to have QuickTime installed on your machine.

Really, it would be ideal if we could drag and drop avi or mpeg files onto the player without fussing, but I understand that there’s limited on-board conversion and codec capability with such a small device so the converter has to provide the horsepower.

Anyway, you will need to do a lot of searches here for various suggestions and options and see what works for you.  some seem to have great sucess and some seem to have complete frustration.