problem with newly purchased

Hi, would like to check before I return my new Fuze+ today I bought a new device (as I was very happy with e200 series - unfortunatelly it was stolen to me), connected with my PC to charge battery for the 1st time…eveything went well (welcome windows popped up) later on i did disconnection and tried to switch on/off  button…but nothing happend. So I connected it back with PC…again no problem when its connected, all files can be open…but I found out one strange notice regarding battery “critically low status 0%”. This notice remains the same even after 4 hours… the strange is also that on device itself the battery icon is fully green. Anyway when I disconnected and push on/off button no reaction…any help or there is only one…return back to shop?

The “critically low” error message is a Windows 7 bug. Don’t pay any attention to it. Press and hold the power button; it will eventually shut-off, performing a reset in the process.

thanks but no change…hold for 1 minute and nothing :frowning:

So you are saying you held the power button down for a full 60 secs. and the unit did not shut off?

Take it back.

Strange just received my brand new FUZE+ 8GB and  I immediately connected ot the laptop and it started up and showed “Connected”, the battery sysmbol showed fully greeen but when I disconnect and try the power on button nothing but nothing happens, I also have tried various times of holding it down, also in excess of a minute and nothing happens. I have windows 7 but don’t get the critical battery warning, I don’t get any screen pops but I am able to download files to the internal memoryOK

The pwoer on button seems to have incredibly little feedback i.e. almost no travel so very difficult to tell when the button is actually active, seems poor design or faulty component problem. Waiting for SANDISK to respond but distinct feeling this is going back :frowning:

Curious thought I would do a firmware upgrade to 2.36.03 to see if that helped but no obvious change in behaviour. However, when I clicked on properties for the Sansa device it is reporting Power Source: Battery 0%, I have had the unit on charge for over 3 hours so not clear whay this is the case unless this is the way it reports power when on USB but that would be silly - wouldn’t it, asthat is only way it is ever conencted to allow you to see this property ?

Hmm is this the Windows 7 non-error problem reported earlier ?

See we have same problem…:cry:…no chance, lets take it back!

As someone on here has said (multiple time…I think), you should test you Fuze+ in the parking lot before you even start the car. It seems that Sandisk is making a lot of defective Fuze+'s, so if you plan on exchangin yours for one that (hopefully) works, test it in the parking lot.

Experienced exactly the same scenario, resolved by unplugging the usb cable, and then rebooting the computer.

After restart I plugged the usb cable back in and the Fuze+ kicked into life as it should have done originally.

Green battery icon started pulsating and unit began to charge as normal - still circa 3 hrs for a full charge.

Admit you shouldn’t really need to restart with Windows 7 for have unit recognised - but hey it worked for me.

Worth a try, before sending the unit back - it is a good product (previously had a Sansa View).