Problem with my m260

I bought a Sansa m260 like 1 1/2 yr ago.
I bought it via internet, and it worked great until 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I left my mp3 at my grandma’s house (turned off btw). After 1 week, I recover my mp3 and tried to turn on, but nothing happened.
I tried to connect it to my PC and nothing for the first 20 attempts. After like 10 minutes connecting/disconnecting to my PC, the device was dectected. I formatted it, unplugged the USB and press the ON button for around 2 minutes and inserted a new alcaline battery on it. It worked again… I played music a while until it freezed up and stopped playing music (showing the song info). I turn off the battery and did the same thing again, and worked… now, since that day, EVERY time I need to play my music, I have to spend like 20 minutes connecting and disconnecting it on my PC until it gets “detected”.

I tried to contact the support via e-mail but didn’t get any response.

Thanks in advance (and sorry my English)

Sansa should get back to you in within a couple days.

Did you write                ?

Theres nothing back from Sansa’s Support…
Could anybody here help me?

Sansa Support should always write back. Are you sure
you’re not missing them in a spam bucket? They will
give you a case # and work with you.

Try going here. You can get an eBox also.

Again try

They have always gotten back to me in
about a day. It shouldn’t take longer than
2 days, I believe.

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Do you have the latest Firmware installed?
What Version?

Firmware Click Here

I write support again.

I updated the firmware version after the incident. I don’t remember what version is, but I will take a look and tell you about this.

Thank you so much Paul!

Well, I tried to format (again) like they said, and update the firmware (again) and nothing…
My firmware version is 2.25a, everything its the same…

it sounds like a defective player, unfortunatly its over a year old and not under warranty.

So what can I do about this? I’m getting tired about this right now…

Its defective buddy, theres nothing that can be done to fix it. And your warranty is up, so as much as it sucks… it sounds like its time for a new player. A year and a half is not a bad run.

think of it this way at least now you can get a shiny new player :slight_smile:

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not a Sansa btw…
ty all of you