Problem with mp3's over 50 MB in size with the SDMX1

I have a SDMX1-256R v2 Digital Audio Player. I had been using it for about 2 years when I began to have trouble switching it on. The player would immediately switch itself off and try to restart, sometimes taking several attempts before it would start and let me play an mp3. Eventually it deteriorated to the point where the player was unusable.

The problem began after I had listened to some mp3’s that were over 50 MB in size. At the time I didn’t think they were actually the cause of the problem. I had been heavy handed with the “on” switch and thought the switch just wore out over time. I tried removing the battery and all the usual things to try to fix it but got nowhere.

I bought the 1GB model SDMX1-1024R v2 and was careful to use a lighter touch with the “on” button. Everything was going well until I listened to an mp3 that was 53 MB in size. All of a sudden I had the same problem I had with my first player. The player kept restarting when I tried to switch it on and kept switching itself off until it finally got “warmed up”. Cold starts were always the most troublesome.

This time I can say the 53 MB mp3 file was definitely the CAUSE of the problem. Not knowing what else to do I upgraded the firmware to the final release not really expecting to see any improvement but it seems to have worked. The problem of continual restarts is gone and the firmware upgrade even managed to fix my old SDMX1-256R.

It looks like playing large mp3 files can corrupt the firmware so be careful. The good news is that it is fixable. If your firmware has already been upgraded, run the upgrade again, it will overwrite the previous copy.