Problem with Macally USB AC Charger since firmware update

It probably is just a coincidence but I am having trouble with my Macally USB AC Charger now. The Fuze starts to charge, the little bolt icon comes on and flashes, But that only lasts a few seconds and then it goes away. I have no problem using my pc.

Anyone else have one of these (model SN-A411)? Are you having problems?

I had the same thing happen with a Griffin charger (not a dock). This happened also after fw upgrade and by plugging in with the fuze off. If I turn the fuze on and let it boot, than plug in the charger it stays charging. When I run it down, I’ll try again with the fuze off and see if it repeats the problem. Not really a problem though! It’s no big deal to turn on the player first and than connect. It worked either way before fw upgrade.

Hi 1412,

I tried doing all sorts of variations of what you suggested. It probably is the charger anyway. The power light on it tends to mostly flicker now. I ordered a Griffin from Amazon, lets see how that works…and it comes with another cable and an adapter for the car.

So I’ll have an extra cable to keep in my back pack in addition to the ones at home and at work…one never knows…

Now I’m waiting on the availability and price to drop on the 16G microsdhc and I’ll be in heaven!