Problem with localized tags

Hi all, recently my friends make me a gift - Sansa Express 2 Gb. It easy plays songs with english tags, but when it tries to play song with local tags (in my case - Russian) it just “hangs up” - doesn’t respond to my commands and doesn’t play anything. Firmware is 1.01.01E. I downloaded Device Connect Recovery tool, but when I try to use I get message “Sorry, we unable to recover your Sansa device”. I tried to format it and hardware reset but this didn’t help. Can somebody give me advice? Thanks.

I have experienced similar problems when ripping CDs with tags in other European languages.

Time consuming but had to manually edit album and track names, etc  to English alphabet.


OMG, but for first time it worked perfectly! Maybe there is any other way to resolve this problem?

Noticed that your firmware is not he latest. When updating, look to see if a version in another language with similar alphabet is availble.

You see, I cannot update my Sansa Express. When I connect it to PC it is recognized as 2 USB disks, so Sansa Updater doesn’t launch. Manually installing it as MTP cause some problems and Sansa Updater doesn’t launch again. I’ve tried to change firmware manually but got an error. My Sansa is dead like Elvis :).

Elvis is alive and well and works in our local supermarket :smileyvery-happy:

He was very busy packing shelves but when I told him about your problems, he smiled in the usual way and gave me these tips :


* Back up all your music files.
* Make sure you have latest Windows driver installed in your PC?
    Register with Microsoft and Windows Update program will then do this automatically.
* Format the SE and the card using the format facility built into the SE.

* Install the latest firmware for the SE.
* SE do not like loading up huge number of files at a time. Load one album/folder at a time.
* Be patient! Watch the OLED and make sure that each operation is complete before pressing the buttons again.


Rock n’ Roll !!

> Make sure you have latest Windows driver installed in your PC

Yes, I’m sure that I’m using the latest WIndows drivers.

>Format the SE and the card using the format facility built into the SE.

Hmm… And how will I do this? When I press Power button, just “Sandisk” logo appears and after that screen gets black again.

However, thank you for your attention to my problems :). 

@BlueMax: Hey, I did as you say  and my player sings again! Elvis is alive!


I will tell Elvis when I see him next in the supermarket.

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I also have a lot of music files with tag information in Russian. Player was displaying russian artist/album/song names OK out of the box (with fw 1.01.01) and that was the main reason I got the player in the first place.

However, I had a problem described in this forum with Kingston 2GB card and decided to upgrade FW to a latest one (1.01.05A). After the upgrade I lost Cyrillic font support. Player displays some weird characters instead. I tried to install 1.01.05P, but it didn’t solve the problem.

How do I fix this issue or rollback to an original firmware???

Even if you rollback to original firmware after some time you will get problem with Russian again. Suggestions: change all tags to English or wait for new firmware which wil fix this bug.

In my experience, this is not a problem specific to SE.  I have hundreds of CDs ripped and stored in hard drives and NAS for audio streaming. Sometimes when I do backups, I get errors. The only solution was to edit and change from Cyrillic fonts. Not only the tags but also the filenames. When editing the file names you can change it to anything as long as the file extension (ie .mp3 ) is not changed.


People never had to worry about these things in the days of Elvis. Modern technology bring many problems!

But Elvis and Rock N’ Roll will live for ever! :stuck_out_tongue: