problem with latest app version 4.4.4

Since the latest update to version 4.4.4 of the Sandisk ixpand drive, it refuse to backup/copy my foto’s from my iphone 8.

Before the update it worked fine!

It stil work fine with my ipad air 2 and ipad mini 2 but not with iPhone 8

do we get a better update?

See screendump.

I don’t think a replacment solfes the problem


Hi @martin_a50

This message will be shown for devices that have a potential compatibility issue with the iPhone 8. If you have received this message your iXpand drive will need to be replaced to ensure full compatibility with the iPhone 8. Please fill in the form in the link to request a replacement. 


Forum Admin


I have a similar problem with iPhone 8 plus I bought Ixpand usb 3.0 64gb and but not right through your website but from our largest electronics seller in our country Czech republic “” and i fill the form for the replacement yesterday.

And does it mean a replacement for the ixpand usb product that i bought or the replacement for the ixpand drive application?

Thx for your answer.
Unfortually its impossible to attach the images/foto’s to to requestform. It stucks into the app and i can not select any picture. Is it possible to select the requestform directly om the website?


The iXpand Drive itself will need to be replaced. Please use the form to request a replacement. 


You can create an RMA from a cumputer using the link below. If they does not work create the request without pictures and let the support team know you were not able to attach pictures.

@slotmonsta thx, your link worked fine.
I completed the form with requested images.
I still do think the problem is not the flash drive but the problem is the app ver. 4.4.4 because in ver 4.4.3 it worked fine.

Is there a changelog for the App?

In the latest version I seem to be missing the pop up indicator when changing the volume.

I have received the requested replacement today and immediately tested.
It worked fine with all my idevices including my iPhone 8 ??? So I am a happy user again ???