Problem with last 5 mins of audiobook getting cut off

My wife recently bought a Clip Jam to listen to audiobooks on. She has been having a problem with the end of the books–the device does not play the last 4-5 minutes of the last chapter of a book. IOW, it ends early. She has to then go to her desktop PC and listen to the end of the book there (thereby proving it is not a problem with the files themselves). She says this happens on both Audible audiobooks and audiobooks she has in MP3 format.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on and how I can help her resolve it?

For the Audible audiobooks what format are you downloading? IIRC there are some issues with AUdible enhanced AAX files. Try downloading in format 4 .AA files.

Thanks for the response! I don’t know which type of Audible files, but I will check that. That said, she is having the same problem with MP3 files that don’t come from Audible. So that points to it at least being more than just an issue with the Audible file format.

Audiobook files tend to be far longer/larger than songs. This device doesn’t appear to deal well with that.

got similar problem
just started using clip jam finish 2 Audible audiobooks and in both didn’t go to and of the book about 2 minutes short

I notice when started to listen and when first time pause book and letter play again the time started from when i pause but got at least 30 seconds repeated what was before i paused

later didn’t notice that big part was repeated

so that i think why will not go to the end of book because repeated some sentence but time did go forward and that why i think when go to the time that book supposed to end player will stop the book

sometimes need to wait 15 seconds or more before book will resume after pushing play button

clip + was much better faster

can you fix this because is really frustrating that i can’t listen to the end of the book

are you using audible AAX enhanced format? IIRC this is a problem only with AAX enhanced format. USe Format 4 instead and it should play til the end. 

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 ok i will try but Format 4 have book in parts and i read that there is problem with jam sorting files with parts

i miss clip +

Hi Did you get it sorted? I’m having the same problem with my clip jam and audible books. I was wondering what you did to fix it?

@cailindeas wrote:

Hi Did you get it sorted? I’m having the same problem with my clip jam and audible books. I was wondering what you did to fix it?

Did you try drlucky’s suggestion 2 posts up?

I read this forum because I was having the same problem, and wanted to let drlucky know that Format 4 IS the way to solve it. It also makes it so the chapters are better recognized, and instead of just a quick (and often short) fast forward or rewind, you can skip forward or back to the beginning of each chapter. Since I bought this player for my audible books (my old player died) it is great to have this function the way I’m used to!

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