Problem with Drag and Drop

Just got my new Clip Zip and am trying to load for first time. Have music and audio book on iTunes and trying to drag and drop into fully charged clip zip. No success. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Actually, our little friend iTunes is the culprit. 

The Clip Zip can play iTunes AAC files as long as they are the DRM-free version m4a files.  Additionally, you can convert, using iTunes, to mp3 format, if the files are m4p (with DRM) in your iTunes library.

To transfer from iTunes to anything other than an Apple device involves manually transferring the music files from your music library.  It’s quite easy: locate your iTunes library using Windows Explorer, then drag the desired files to the connected ClipZip.  Place the files in the Music folder.

Personally, I simply use Windwos Media Player to pull the files from iTunes, much better.  You can set Windows Media Player to “watch” your iTunes library, and let it add references to your iTunes music automatically.

Keeping your iTunes in its native AAC or m4a format is preferable, since you don’t lose any quality, compared to transcoding to mp3.  Windows Media Player 12 (Windows 7) keeps the file in its native format, and can play it as well.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: