Problem with Devices Certificate

I am trying to sync some Windows Media songs to my clip and I cam having issues.  I initially had it set to MSC and transferred the files.  MP3’s worked fine, but any protected windows media files gave me a “synchronize to continue your music subscription” message and they would not play.  I switched to MTP mode and tried to resync from WinAmp, which Dr Watson’d on me.  THen I tried Windows Media and I get “There is a problem with the devices certificate”.  It seems to sync the MP3’s fine still, but not the protected WMA files.  Any ideas?  These are valid legal downloads.  I always synced them fine to my iriver device and they play fine on my computer…  It is just with my new clip where they fail.

Try formatting the Clip through its menu, then switch to MTP and re-sync.

Windows STILL has Dr. Watson!?

Figured they’d have picked a new character or something by now.