Problem with audiobook - player jumps back to start of book

I am trying to play an audiobook downloaded from the library-it’s a single 7 hour track. When the player gets to the same spot, a couple minutes into the track, it skips back to the start of the book. If I fast forward to another point in the book, it will invariably do the same thing–jump back to start. I cannot figure out if its a problem with the audio track or a problem with the player.

Try reloading the track, and see if the new copy plays better.  I’ve found that trying a different bit rate can often solve the issue.  For long audiobooks, I like 64 kb/s.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Bob. I am not sure how to change the bit rate. If I am downloading an audio file would I change it after I download it and before I load it on the player, or is this a choice I make with the library service before I down load it. I am assuming the player does not do the conversion.

It varies depending on the source of your audiobook.  Audible, for example, has several bit rates available.  The e280 version 2 can play any bit rate, but the Fuze is limited to 128kb/s for .aa format files currently.

Check with the transferring application, if the bit rate can be changed.  Otherwise, I’d simply try reloading the file first, as the simplest solution is often the best- it might just be a glitched file.

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