Problem with arrangement.

I’ve had an ipod nano for a long time. Have always use winamp. with it. On winamp, it showed the list of (I mostly listen to old radio shows)  the shows I listen to. It was easy to go on winamp and arrange the shows in the order that I wanted. I could dray one from the bottom and put in on top. They were on my ipod just as I arranged them on winamp. With my sansa clip, I cant drag them or move them around on winamp. I can’t figure out how to arrange them on my clip either.

If music is tagged, the clip orders using those tags. Within an album, play order is governed by track#. I don’t know how the nano does things.

Thanks for the help. I just got my clip last week. The ipod just went bad. With the ipod, I could just connect to my computer and turn on winamp. Winamp showed the items on my ipod in the same order to be played. I could drag one from the(for instance) 5th place to ist spot.  The clip shows up the same, but won’t let me drag or change the positions.

Played around with the clip and figured out how to put items on the go list, and I guess I’ll have to add and delete from there. Winamp doesn’t show the go list. Was just hoping to do everything with winamp. Thanks again.

You can use winamp to make multiple playlists. It works well, see other threads on this topic for precise procedure. Alterantivley or concurrently, you could read up on tag issues and use mp3tag or similar to tag your music.