Problem with 8 gig clip

I got a new 8 gig clip for my moms birthday last week. I downloaded songs & charged it up on my computer. She plugged it into the wall charger I bought for her when she went on break (they aren’t allowed to charge them from their work computers & she doesn’t have a computer at home) & it started to charge. She came back 30 minutes later & it wouldn’t turn on. She let it sit overnite & it did come back on but the battery was completely drained. (It had a 1/2 charge when she plugged it in at work.) She plugged it in at home on the same wall charger but it did nothing. I brought it home today & plugged it in to my computer & nothing.

Any suggestions or does it sound like it just went bad.

Try holding the power switch in the ‘ON’ position for about 20 seconds.  Then try to turn it on again.