Problem transfering library books to sansa fuze

Hello, I can’t transfer a library book (wma format) to my sansa fuze…been doing this same thing successfully for a few years now and am mystified. I’m getting the error message “0x80070005:General access denied error.” Since I still had another book sitting in the overdrive library on my computer  (which had been successfully transferred to sansa just over a week ago), I tried to “retransfer” that one to the sansa just to check and it started to transfer with no problem. Has anyone had this error and, if so, do you have any suggestions on how I might resolve this? Thank you in advance for any responses.

Since your other book still works, clearly it has something to do with that particular book. It may be that its security codes are a little too…secure.

Googling the error doesn’t come up with library book problems, but does come up with errors about passwords and permissions granted to various devices.

Does your library have a computer person on hand? Maybe they can change the codes in the book files, or give you a workaround.

Thanks to Black-Rectangle: It IS a problem with Downloads -to-Go at the library. There’s a new Downloads to Go page update that seems to effectively eliminate the transfer of many wma formatted titles to anything that’s not an Apple product (read IPod/iPhone). The librarian was very helpful, but could not do anything about this particular problem. She did mention that many wma formatted books historically have not been compatible with mp3 players. I have no argument with her. I just find it strange that I’ve never had this problem before (always have done wma formats for my library borrowing and always have used the sansa fuze successfully). Oh well, I guess that’s progress. Thank you so much for your response, though. It’s just a bit frustrating. I guess everything has to have a built-in obsolescence.

If those are still actually .wma files, there has to be a way to unlock the codes. 

What is your (Settings/System Settings) USB Mode? MTP, MSC or Auto? 

Set it to MTP and try sending a book over again. MTP should transfer the hidden unlock codes. If that doesn’t work, see if you can find out what system your library uses–probably Overdrive–and Google around for its customer service. Maybe there is some update for the audiobook software, or something like that. 

It would be pretty insane for a public library to restrict its users to Apple players. 

Meanwhile, as you probably know, the librarian is misinformed. 

.wma is Windows Media Audio. In Microsoft’s rivalry with Apple, .wma was not particularly compatible with Apple players–not .mp3 players. Sansa and many other players were compatible with .wma instead of licensing Apple’s proprietary formats. 

Just out of geekness, you could also try opening the unplayable audiobook folders with iTunes on your computer and have it convert the files to .mp3 and see what happens…

I think it will auto convert them to mo3 as all other file types. <img src=“”/>

Well, no. The default settings in  iTunes are for Apple proprietary formats. No surprise there. 

But under Advanced you can choose Create Mp3 Version. 

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