Problem Sansa clip+ Rockbox: Not responding

Hi guys, i hope you can help me, i have a big problem :frowning: I’m not english so i hope to be understandable.

I connected my rockboxed clip+ to my pc (windows xp) in MSC mode, to take the scrobblerlog.txt file and change some music. Done this, i disconnected it with safe remove option, and it doesn’t update database or turn off, it doesn’t anything. It continues to appear connected even if it isn’t, the screen is the same of when it is connected (the “connected” pc-device image). I tried to reconnect and disconnect, tried to push reset button but nothing, it is completely freezed on connection state. what’s happened, and what can i do to fix this? Please, help me…:cry:

So it crashed somewhere in the Sandisk firmware?  If you just hold power for 30 seconds it should reboot itself.

Thank you, thank you so much saratoga, i did as you say and it turn off and now it’s perfect as before. Thank you again, Sansa clip+ rockboxed is the real deal, i made five friends of mine buy it in one week :smileyvery-happy:.